Booking Terms & Conditions

Comfort Rules at Kläpphagen

  • Check-in is earliest 3pm. Check-out latest
  • Smoking is prohibited all over the area at Kläpphagen.
  • Pets are only allowed in our pet-suite. The owner is responsible that the pet is on a leas, at all times. It’s prohibited to not have pets on a leash in Kosterhavet Nationalpark & the Nature Reserve.
  • Kläpphagen does not guarantee our rooms are 100% free from allergy.
  • 11 pm it has to be quiet and calm at all the Kläpphagen area.
  • If any destruction on the property of Kläpphagen occurs, we will charge the one responsible.
  • If the comfort rules of Kläpphagen is now followed or broken, the guest can be charged a fee decided by Kläpphagen. Kläpphagen can immediately dismiss the guest.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Check-in is earliest 3pm. Check-out is at latest 11am.
The booking Terms & conditions applies on all kind of bookings, suites, The Garden House and Glamping at Kläpphagen. The rules are applied regardless the way of the reservation was made, by our website, e-mail or phone.
Always read your booking confirmation carefully. Possible changes should be made immediately and reported to Kläpphagen. The Booking Terms are applied starting from when the booking is confirmed.

All reservations must be fully payed  before arrival and only after this the guest has access to it’s room.  When a No Show occurs, Kläpphagen will demand fully payment for the reservation. Kläpphagen has the rights to change/switch suite or glamping tent if needed. This applies even if you have requested special requests and this was confirmed by Kläpphagen.

If you have checked-in and in some reason need to leave and cancel your stay, no money will be refunded. Kläpphagen holds the rights to rent out the unit to a new guest.

To make a reservation and to stay at Kläpphagen, the guest must be 18 years or older. Or in the company of someone over 18.


100% of the amount is payed when making the reservation, if not any other method of payment was agreed.

Cancellation and full refund is possible up to 7 days prior to arrival. Cancellation 7 days or less before arrival, the guest is 100% bound to the total amount.

When changing dates on a reservation, it’s the original date of the reservation that sets the booking Terms and Conditions. The price is adjusted only if it’s a more expensive date.

Lack of payment is seen as a cancellation and the possibly payed amount is not refunded.

Payment is done by credit card via link, Swish (Swedish citizens) or bank transfer. If you wish a different method of payment please contact us. Invoice is only possible for Companies registered in Sweden.

• Cancellation and re-booking terms with cancellation insurance (495 SEK/room)
Free of charge (excluding the cancellation insurance fee) cancellation and re-booking is offered up to 24hrs before check-in. When cancelling or re-booking later than 24hrs prior to check-in, we charge 100% of the reservations amount.

GDPR & Privacy Policy

When making a reservation with us the guest are asked to fill in some of your personal info. In conjunction with making a reservation, the guest agree and allow that Kläpphagen store and use your information in the matter to complete the agreement between the guest and Kläpphagen. This information will never be sold or shared, it’s only for the use of the contact between Kläpphagen and the guest. According to Swedish The Data Protection Regulation GDPR, you are able to ask to see the information we have about you. If it’s wrong, incorrect or irrelevant you can ask for it to be changed. You can also ask us to delete the information we have on you, after your stay is finished and all other contacts are finished. If you wish for this, please contact us.


We will never sell or share your e-mail and other information about you.

We will use your information to:

  • Contact you regarding your reservation, confirm your booking, inform you about your stay.
  • If agreed, send you newsletter by e-mail.

Terms and Conditions

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