Let the Koster calm sink in


Forget about work, let go of the tie and high heels. Enjoy the slow tempo out here. Enjoy the food by the fire and life on the island.
Let the hair loose, slow down and embrace the relaxed island life with us at Kläpphagen.


Just like the french people, we love to play Boule.
Nothing too serious, but very fun for everyone.

Combine a game with some food & drinks. It’s all bout having a nice time together.
The rules are by the Boule area, the kit to play can be find & returned in our Art & Craft Shop.
Please contact us to make a reservation for a game of Boule.

Ann's Art studio

Go have a look in our very good friend Ann Husbys art studio with by Ann Art work just by the road.
Here she creates happy and positive art that you can buy in our Art & Craft Shop.

The Brewery

Our brewery houses our brewer Johan, who is more than happy to give you a course in beer brewing. Why not combined with beer tasting. Perfect for groups.

Why not combine the party with a brewing course before the party starts, and we can serve the beer you brewed at your party?

Contact us for booking


In our brewery you will not only find our brewmaster, but also our friend and hairdresser Lisbeth.
Come get a haircut in a one of a kind hair-studio!
Why not sip on a refreshing drink or a freshly brewed beer meanwhile getting your hair or beard fixed.

Book your session with Lisbeth here (länk)


The most effective way of transport on Sydkoster is by bike.
Rent a quality 3-gear bike with basket and lock from us.


On the Koster islands fishing has a long history and has always been a important part of life.
Early spring there is herring, in may the mackerel arrives and in the fall, last monday in september to be exact, we start fishing for the black gold, the Koster lobster.

We are happy to set you up with a fishing tour!

Drinks & card board games

After a day with activities and being active, we have a wide range of board games for you to gather around while having a drink or snack, pick up & return the games in our Art & Craft Shop. Our bartender is waiting to serve you a smoking Irish Coffee.


Hiking is the perfect way to explore the Koster Islands. There are many trails and tracks in the vicinity of Kläpphagen. If you book a hiking package, a map and lunch bag are included, which you can collect from the farm shop/bar. Then it’s just a matter of going out and discovering the unique nature of the Koster Islands.

Book hiking packages here (linked to sirvoy)

Friends of Kläpphagen

We have a lot of friends on the islands offering fun, spectacular and adventurous activities. We have gathered the best Koster has to offer!

To make a reservation, please contact the company directly.