Kläpphagen Koster


Kläpphagen is available year round for people at all ages, for the long distance traveller and the ones in the region. The four seasons sets the menu and the fire in our grills, wood oven and hearts are constant.


Now the darkness has fallen and Santa is soon to be seen. Outside King Bore rages with wind and cold weather. Inside the christmas candles sets a warm and cozy feeling and the fire from the kitchen and in the restaurant will warm you up well.

Lots of various Swedish christmas delicacy are served. Pickled herring, snaps, mulled and christmas spiced wine, gingerbread cookies and more.. A visit at Kläpphagen is a christmas delight. We welcome you all to enjoy and celebrate X-mas with us!


The darkness is now gone away and we welcom spring at Kläpphagen.
Taste the first greens of the year.
Listen to the incredibly songs of all the bird at the islands.
See wind-flower, blue anemone, coltsfoot and the trees coming to stunning colors.
Enjoy the clear blue skies and let the sun warm your skin.
Newly fished mackerel is on the grill.
Now is the perfect time to come out and enjoy the quietness at Kläpphagen.


Summer, summer, oh lovely summer. Kläpphagen is full of life and movement.
Swim in the salt and crystal clear ocean, sun-ripened strawberries, pickled herring, ice-cold beer and perhaps a snaps.
An ideal island experience.
Sunny beaches, hidden bays, glittering ocean and amazing sunsets.
Laugh, sing, dance, enjoy, taste and experience lovely Kläpphagen.
Create memories and re-fill your energy.


We welcome the heavy storms that’s on their way, and it’s now our fire comes into place.
The lobster crawls into the creels.
Stunning colors, freshly harvested crops, freshly picked mushrooms and a dark and starry sky.
Put on some clothes and get out in the nature to breathe the fresh air and come back inside and let our fire warm you up.
The calmness is total. This is the prime time at Kläpphagen.
Pack the rain clothes and your favorite book.

We love weather and hope you will to!