How to get here

How to get to Koster and Kläpphagen

How to get to the Koster islands, Ekenäs jetty and Kläpphagen

The Koster islands are located just outside Strömstad in northern Bohuslän. On the ferry from Strömstad you can easy see Norway. Koster is two islands, the North and South, which are separated by a narrow channel, and south of the islands the archipelago spreads out in hundreds of tiny islands. The south island is the major one with 3 jettys for the passenger ferry that runs Strömstad – Koster. There is a ICA supermarket, gas station, gym, tennis court (outdoor).

The islands are almost car free except the one ambulance, firetruck and some small companies cars and a few tractors.


The easiest and most comfortable way to get to the islands is to go with the  passenger ferries from the northern harbor in Strömstad with daily departures throughout the year. The journey takes between 30-50 minutes depending on which route the boat takes, Ekenäs is the name of the port you will disembark at. Then it’s just a short walk to kläpphagen, up past the visitor center called Naturum and after about 7-10 minutes on the right you will find us.

If you need a pick-up at the port, you are welcome to book a pick-up or drop-off with us by sending a request to

Ticket purchase & tour list for the passenger ferrys Kosterbåtarna

You do not need to book tickets in advance, but you buy a round trip ticket in the payment machine in the harbor in Strömstad.

You can also pay your ticket with a Västtrafik card or use the Västtrafik To Go app.

It is also possible to pay on board (credit card only).

All variants of “Regionen Runt” apply (Archipelago loading does not apply).

You can bring your own bike/kayak for an extra cost and subject to availability.


By car – Summer: Long-term parking & free parking bus!

You can easily get to Strömstad via the E6. There are exits from both the north, at 112 Blomsholmsmotet (from Oslo – 130 km) and the south, at 111 Skee (from Gothenburg 160 km).

The center is divided into parking zones with different time limits and fees.

– In central Strömstad, you can stand for a maximum of 3 hours.

– Within walking distance (approx. 5-15 min walk to Kosterbåten) you will find parking spaces from 10 hours up to 24 hours and 7 days.

If you visit us during the summer months and you want to park longer than 24 hours, we recommend our long-term parking lots at the entrances, Hålkedalen, Strömstad gymnasium and Bojaren. SEK 40 / day and you can stay up to 7 days.

From here, in the summer (from mid-June until mid-August), there are free parking buses into the center (the square where the Kosterbåten departs from). The buses run according to the “Hop on – Hop off” principle between 08:15 and 20:30 and stop times are about 20-40 minutes, but be there in good time as the summer traffic in the center can cause delays.

Read more about Parking Strömstad Municipality


By train & bus

By train or bus, you travel comfortably from and to Gothenburg, by train or bus. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the station to the Kosterbåten’s docking place.

From and to Oslo you travel by bus Strömstad – Halden (line 111) and train Halden – Oslo (


Västtrafik Bus (it is not possible to pre-book a seat)


Train 130 Gothenburg – Strömstad (cannot pre-book seat)

NSB (train Norge to Halden and from there bus line 111 with Västtrafik to Strömstad)

With own boat

Position: 58°53.36 N 11°2.54 E

Perhaps the nicest way to Koster can be with your own boat. You can find information about Koster’s harbors here

Tickets & Schedule Kosterferrys

It’s not possible to buy tickets in advance, and no need. If the ferry is full, there will be a extra one leaving shortly. Koster Ferrys are used to this every high season, don’t worry, you will get to the island. .

You can buy your tickets aboard the ferry, in the app “Västtrafik To Go” and on the jetty in Strömstad.

You’re able to bring your bike or kayak for a fee, if there is space enough.

By car - summer

Long term parking & free parking bus to the plaza!

The highway E6 gets you to Strömstad from Oslo or Gothenburg. From Oslo: exit 112 Blomsholmsmotet.  Oslo – Strömstad 130km. From Gothenburg exit 111 Skee. Gothenburg-Strömstad 160km.
Town center  are divided in different parking zones.
– In the city center you can park 3hrs.
– Within walking distance (ca 5-15 min walk to the Koster Ferry) you can find parking lots for 10hrs-24hrs and up to 7 days.

If you are visiting us in the summer and look to park for more than 24hrs, we recommend the long term parking lots when you enter Strömstad,  Hålkedalen, Strömstad Gymansium, Bojaren. 40SEK / day up to 7 days.
From here you can easy go by the free parking-bus, the buses are running mid June to mid August ) and will take you to the plaza, just next to the Koster Ferrys. Please have some extra time in the high season, since the summer traffic can be very busy.

By train & bus

By train or bus from Göteborg, the Bus & Train station in Strömstad is located 5-6 minutes walk from the Koster Ferry and the plaza.

From Oslo you can go by train Oslo-Halden and bus Halden – Strömstad.

By your own boat

Position: 58°53,36 N 11°2,54 E

Perhaps the nicest way to get here is by you own boat. Information about The guest harbors of Koster you can find here. Closest harbor to Kläpphagen is Ekenäs.