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Frequent asked questions & answers.

How do i get to Kläpphagen?

Get on the passenger ferry from the plaza in Strömstad. Make sure to get off at Ekenäs, Sydkoster. The ferry ride is 30-50 minutes depending on which departure you take. Buy your ticket on the ferry with credit card. From Ekenäs jetty, it’s a road of 800m to get to Kläpphagen. Please see here for more information

Where can i park my car in Strömstad?

The Koster islands are car free islands.

We recommend to park at long-term parking lots spread out over Strömstad. Hålkedalen & Bojaren. 40 SEK/24hrs and you can park here up to 7 days. During the summer there are shuttle buses between Strömstad plaza and the long term parking lots. Please fin out more here LÄNK

Is linen & and towels included?

Yes, there is towels and linen in all of our accommodations.

Are all accommodations with kitchen?

There is a small kitchen in all our suites and The Farm House. Unfortunately there is no kitchen in the Glamping.

What do i need to bring?

Beach towel since our towels are to be kept at Kläpphagen. If you are staying in the Glamping we recommend to bring warm clothes, and depending on season some clothes to sleep in. With Koster islands being on of the sunniest places in Sweden, sun glasses and sun screen is important.

Can i bring my pet?

Pet’s are welcomed at Kläpphagen, we have 1 suite where pets are allowed. The pet owner is responsible to use a leash at all times, and especially important in the Nature Reserve & National Park since there are lot’s of free walking sheeps, goats, cows and more.

Is there a supermarket on the island?

Yes, there is a ICA-supermarket 800 meters from Kläpphagen. Opening hours varies depending on seasons.

Please see more here https://www.ica.se/butiker/oppettider/sydkoster/

Can i rent a bike at Kläpphagen?

Yes, we have bikes for rent. During summer the demand is very high on our bikes, so be sure to make a reservation!

You can also bring your bike on the ferry for a fee of 60 SEK one way.

What time do i have to check-out?

Check-in is from 3pm. Check-out is at latest 11.00

Is fishing allowed on the islands?

Yes, no permit is needed.

Where can i find the closest beach?

The Bergdalen bay and beach connects with Kilesand beach. Rörvik close to Ekenäs. These are both about 10 minutes walking from us. We are located near the sea so a swim is never far away!

What is Naturum Kosterhavet?

A visitor center for Kosterhavet Nationalpark. Located in Ekenäs harbor with exhibitions and a aquarium. There is a room for watching the informative video about Kosterhavet Nationalpark, ask the friendly staff! The dock outside is suitable for crab-fishing kids and in the summer there are guided exhibitions and tours, free of charge.

Visit the two islands, North and South Koster?

During summer there is a cable ferry that runs over the little channel between Syd & Nordkoster. In the high season the cable ferry is run by a staff, and one way ride is 15 SEK. If not staffed, you can go with a local. Just be patient as you might have to wait for a local to come by and to cross the channel. See schedule here

What activities is there on the islands?

The islands is a epic destination for the one looking for a unique and untouched nature. Come hike or just go for a swim in the crystal clear salty water. There are a lot of activities such as Biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, seal safari, snorkelling etc.

More about what to do here sevärt och göra.

What's not to miss during my visit at Koster islands?

The Koster islands is visited by tourists year round, with high season being in the summer. The lucky ones that visits the islands in the spring and fall can experience a quietness like few places else, a very exotic but important and relaxing calm in todays busy society. Check West Swedens top 5 things to do here!

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