Change your reservation

Sometimes something unexpected occurs.

Here you are able to overlook, change or cancel your reservation with us up to 7 days prior to your arrival.

Terms of reservations

100% of the price is payed at when making a reservation, if no other method of payment was entered.

Cancellation and full refund is possible up to 7 days prior to your arrival. Cancellation 7 days prior to arrival or less, no refund can be made.

When changing a date in your reservation, please note its the original date for the reservation that sets the payment. The price is only adjusted if it’s a more expensive date.

Missing payment is seen as a cancellation and any possibly  paid amount is not refunded.

The payment is done by credit card, Swish (Sweden only) or bank transfer. If you want to pay in some other way, please contact us. Invoices can only be sent to swedish registered companies.

• Cancellation and change in reservations terms with Kläpphagen cancellation insurance (295 SEK per room)
Free of charge (except the 295 SEK for the Kläpphagen cancellation insurance) cancellation and rebooking is possible up to 24 hrs prior to your check-in.
When cancellation and/or rebooking closer than 24 hrs prior to check-in, Kläpphagen will charge 100% of the reservation.